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What can I do for you?

Below is a list of some of the most common things I believe I can help you with.

General PC Support

  • This can include issues with unwanted Malware or Adware
  • Driver Updates
  • General performance
  • Installation/Configuration of software
  • Printer and other hardware troubleshooting

Internet Parental Control

  • Advise on PC related software
  • Global Content Filtering for all devices (including tablets and smart phones)
  • Assistance in monitoring
  • Restricting Access Times to internet (where your hardware allows)

Personal/Team/Group Web Sites

  • Set up of personal Blog site (fully integrated with social media, e.g.Facebook)
  • Basic Team or Group web site (using Content Management Solutions)
  • Cheap hosting of web site or assistance with finding your own hosting provider
  • One site theme template included

For business grade or more professional web sites please visit


Digital Home Media Server

  • Get digital media streaming across your home on any device
  • Make your Home Theater experience cinematic in style
  • Extend your media watching to live streaming over the internet or download for offline viewing
  • All you movies and TV shows with full cover art and Plot summaries


  • Home Network Design
  • Wi Fi Security and configuration
  • Cloud based business solutions (Office 365 / Google Doc’s Email Hosting etc)
  • Back up advise