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Renaming files for Media Servers

Most Media Servers (e.g. KODI or PLEX) use a naming standard to search online databases to get information on movies and TV episodes. It is therefore important to make sure that you name your digital media files correctly otherwise the wrong information and cover art is downloaded.

For me the worst offenders are TV shows. Whether you download them or rip them from your local DVD copy the names don’t always match. After looking around for a tool to do batch TV show renames I came across a cool little tool called The Renamer –

This is a free tool that  is very easy to use. Once installed you simply tell it the format you want your renamed files to have and it does the rest. Typically for TV shows most Media Servers prefer something that contains

  • The show name
  • The season number
  • Episode number

For example first episode of Battlestar Galacatica season one was ripped form DVD as BSG.S01E01.mp4. Once it was run through The Renamer it came back with Battlestar Galactica .S01E01 33.mp4 (N.B. 33 is the name of the first episode).

If you are interested in how it works watch this very basic “How to video”.


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