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Live Chat now enabled

My site is nearly ready for launch. I have added both a help desk ticketing service so that any requests are logged and work I do on it tracked. As a customer you  will get a full break down of all the work I have done for you. This is the same level of support I give my customers at RAC. In fact all major Service Desk or Help Desk do this. It follows the ITIL standards (something you can look up and read if your bored)

I have also built a live online chat feature so now you can see when I am actually online if you don’t have me set up on your Skype or Lync (soon to be Skype Business).

There are now more ways to get my attention if you require help. Hopefully the site will go live soon and my doors will be officially open for any business that people wish to put my way.

LiveZilla Live Chat Software

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