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Free alternate to Microsoft Office

Free alternate to Microsoft Office

I was asked a very interesting question today.

What is a good free alternative to Microsoft Word?

This got me thinking. Now days you can get so many versions of Microsoft Office (Student Edition, Standard, Professional etc.) and it is far more affordable then it used to be. However what if you just don’t use it all that much? What if you only use it once in a while? Do you still have to fork out dollars?

Well the good news is definitely not!

I have already posted about using online cloud storage to save your important documents and photos. What I did not mention was that when you sign up for two of the biggest players on the online cloud storage you also get access to their free online versions of document editors as well.

You have in the blue corner, Microsoft Office Online (along with your email and One Drive Storage) and in the red corner you have Google Doc’s (along with Gmail and Google Drive).

officeonline googledocs

As long as you have internet connection you can pretty much launch these tools from any web browser anywhere in the world and modify your documents. Ok so without internet connection your kind of stuck. However in today’s highly connected world, not having internet connection is becoming rarer. Especially since you can launch these apps straight from your smart phone or tablet as well.

So which is better?

Well that is a matter of opinion. Certainly the Office online experience from Microsoft I think is the richer product with many templates and a lot closer experience to the full blown Microsoft desktop installed product.

But depending on what you want or need both will work nicely, and because your documents are stored in the cloud you don’t have to worry about losing you stuff or having to go through the tedium of re-installing software.

Let me know what your thoughts and experiences are with online alternatives to MS Office.

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