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Best Antivirus software

What is the best Antivirus software for my home PC?

This is always a debatable topic. Everyone has his or her views as to the best. In my experience the most expensive is not always the best. It does depend heavily on what protection do you want from your Anti-Virus solution.

When looking at an AV (for antivirus not for Audio Visual:) )solution there are some basic things to consider:

  1. Detection
  2. Cleaning
  3. Protection
  4. False Positives
  5. Performance

So what do these mean?


This is the software ability to actual scan your files and truly detect the threat before it has had a chance to infect your system. Some AV solutions only trigger an alert after the malware or virus has already infected your PC


It may sound obvious but how good is the product at cleaning the infection once detected? I have used products in the past which were great at detecting the threat but lousy at actual removal.


How well does the product Protect your PC? For example does it also scan your email for possible attachment infections?

False Positives

Simply put this is when a legitimate file is flagged as being infected when in fact it is not. You want a product that has the lowest False Positive hits as possible.


This to me is one of the big ones. How well does your PC perform when this is installed. Ideally you should not even notice you are running a scanner in the background if the product is well written.

So which product should you buy? I have a chart put together by PC Magazine (a popular PC Mag for the nerds at heart). They have published the findings of Independent Antivirus labs which tested the most popular AV products on the market at the moment:

AV Ratings Chart

What do I use? Well because I run my own server and virtualization infrastructure (something I will cover in latter posts) I am running Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition for all my critical PC’s.

For the others I use the AVG Free AV software which as you can see gets a 4 out of 5 start ratting.

Let me know what your experiences with AV is. Leave a comment and share your experiences.

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